3rd Meeting of Investment Consultative Group held in Sindh Board of Investment Office

Karachi: 3rd SBI Investment Consultative Group meeting was held on 21st of September, 2011 in the committee room of Sindh Board of Investment. The meeting was chaired by director (Projects), SBI.

The meeting was scheduled to brief the Investment Consultative Group members with the projects under the umbrella of Sindh Enterprise Development Fund. Director Projects shared the projects and their details with the participants. The member applauded the initiatives taken by SBI for promoting non traditional sectors of the economy for investment.

The members showed their interest for financing these projects and expressed their every possible support for promoting investment in the province.

The details of Sindh Investment and Trade delegation were also shared with the group members. They were informed about the recent visit headed by the Honourable Chief Minister to Korea and its positive outcome in the shape of joint venture agreement between Al-Tuwairiqi Steel Limited and POSCO, the world third largest steel manufacturer.

The members were also appraised for the upcoming Sindh Investment and Trade delegations next visit to Peoples Republic of China and Russian Federation. The chair further informed the group that in order to strengthen the tradition of result oriented visits, SBI wishes to have members for delegation’s next visit to Russian and China from this platform especially for financial sector.

One of the members suggested a proper booklet as a marketing tool indicating the specific projects for investment in Sindh for the audience in Russia and China. SBI has also shared the upcoming Halal and Coal conference for projection of available investment Opportunities in the Province.

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