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ډوئچے ميسي اے جي د٢٠٢٠م نه شين ژين او چنګدو کښې دنوؤ صنعتي ميلو پيل کولو لپاره د ډونګهاؤ لانشينګ ډلې سره اشتراک سره کړے دے

شنګهائي،١٢م اګست،٢٠١٩ء پي ار خبري وائرل—اوس اوس ډوئچے ميسي اے جي او ډونګهاؤ لانشينګ(ډلې) کمپنۍ لمټيډ ستراتيژيکي  مرسته قائمه کړې

Saudi King receives Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman met here on Monday with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy …

Bahrain welcomes Saudi Arabia’s initiative to host urgent meeting for Aden’s rival parties

The Kingdom of Bahrain has welcomed Saudi Arabia's call for the Yemeni Government and all parties involved in the clashes …