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‫Nasdaq وIraq Stock Exchange توقّعان على اتفاقية جديدة حول تكنولوجيا السوق

ستوكهولم، السويد وبغداد، العراق، 19 يوليو 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE‏) — وقّعتNasdaq Inc ‏(Nasdaq: NDAQ) وIraq Stock Exchange‏ (ISX) على اتفاقية جديدة لتمديد العلاقة التي تجمعهما في إطار تكنولوجيا السوق. كجزء من الاتفاقية، سوف تستمر Nasdaq بتزويد ISX بمحرّك التطابق وتكنولوجيا التداول وإيداع

Japanese Govt Wants to Provide Financial Aid to Pakistan: Report

The Government of Japan is interested in providing Pakistan with financial support to help complete high-value economic projects.Kuninori Matsuda, Japan's Ambassador while meeting Hammaz Azhar, the newly appointed Economic Affairs Minister, repeated Ja...

OGRA issues its performance report of the year

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has issued its performance report of the year.According to the report, the OGRA issued licenses to nine companies for the purpose of oil marketing while six companies were given permission selling petroleum-related good...

First vessel carrying crude oil under SFD berths at Karachi Port

The first vessel, MT Quetta, carrying the Arab Light crude oil cargo for PARCO berthed to Karachi Port on Saturday.This vessel has reached Pakistan under Saudi Fund for Development.Source: Radio Pakistan