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دچين دسائنس اؤ ټيکنالوجۍ دټولنې مشر دمرستې دژورتيا او نورو ملګرو دجوړولو توقعو کوي

بيجنګ :١١مه مئ، ٢٠١٩  / پي آر نيوز وايز — ٢٠١٨م پورې  دچين بيډو نيوي ګيشن سيټلا ئټ سيسټم  په

‘Inspirational’ Djokovic wins third Madrid title and 33rd Masters

Novak Djokovic joined Rafael Nadal as a 33time Masters champion on Sunday when he swept to a 63, 64 win …

Palestinian National and Islamic Forces call for mass protests in Nakba anniversary

Ramallah The National and Islamic Forces, the supreme coordinating body of the major Palestinian factions, has called for widespread participation …