Daily Archives: October 13, 2018

Pakistan launches first outbound TIR transport

The first Pakistan TIR transport leaves Karachi today, bound for Kabul via Peshawar and Jalalabad. SHARJAH, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES- EQS – 13 October 2018 – IRU member, PNC-ICC, issued the first TIR carnet this week to Pakistani transport operator, TCS

First alien moon discovered is big and gaseous: Astronomers

Astronomers have pinpointed what appears to be the first moon detected outside our solar system, a large gaseous world the size of Neptune that is unlike any other known moon and orbits a gas planet much more massive than Jupiter.The

CM GB announces Saturday as working day

Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister Hafiz Hafeez-ur-Rehman has announced that Saturday will be the working day from 1st of next month.Talking to media persons in Gilgit today, he said all Government offices will be open on Saturday from 9 am till