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اولمپک فاتحین کی جانب سے ریڈ بیچ کے خوبصورت مرطوب مقامات کی تعریف

پانجن، چین، 6 ستمبر 2018 / سن ہوا-ایشیانیٹ / — حال ہی میں لیاؤننگ صوبے کے اولمپک فاتحین، جنہوں نے لیاؤننگ صوبے کے 13ویں گیمز میں حصہ لیا تھا، نے ریڈ بیچ نیشنل سینک کوریڈور کا دورہ کیا اور اس

7 suspects arrested Swat

Seven suspects were arrested during search operations in different areas of district Swat today.According to police, arms and ammunition were also recovered from the suspects.Source: Radio Pakistan

Sudan’s FM: South Sudan rivals to sign peace deal at Ethiopia summit

Sudanese Foreign Minister Al-Dierdiry Mohammed Ahmed said on Saturday that regional leaders have decided to convene a summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, next week following intensive discussions on the sidelines of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation h...

Hydro-power plant inaugurated in South Waziristan

Electricity has been provided to residents of Badar Gigakhel area on Pakistan-Afghanistan border in South Waziristan.Deputy Commander Kanigaram area Colonel Ali Jafri inaugurated a hydropower plant, which was built with Pakistan Army's cooperation. In ...